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Brand Philosophy:

Some say its the ‘Note of God’;     

Some say its the pulse of the Universe.

We were born into the world to blend in with nature as one,

Yet, we’ve neglected our roots and blended into a concrete jungle.

Our brand restores the parity with our natural-esque design ethics,

From using eco-friendly materials to utilitarian-centric design fit for the great outdoors,

We want to bring nature back into our everyday lives.

We are 432Hz.

About 432Hz:

432Hz strive to provide every customer who walks in the door a special,

1-of-a-kind shopping experience.

From a complementary beverage upon walking through our door,

our knowledgeable staff would point out the finer details of the chosen

product to the customer, while mellow music, scented candles and special

greenery & plants would provide a unique shopping environment for the

customer to leisurely enjoy our product offerings.

The unique 432Hz shopping experience not only extends to our store,

but to our commitment to service as well, that includes complementary

sneaker-protection services to all sneaker purchases at 432Hz.