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Payment Methods

Payment Methods


What currency do you use?

All products are listed in Hong KongDollars (HKD).

 Note: some banking institutions may chargetranscation and servicing fees for all international payments.


What is the accepted payment method?

 You could use Paypal to make yourpurchases.


Paypal is a global online payment platform,which buyers and sellers would send and receive money in a hassle-free method.Up till now, Paypal customers have reached over 202 countries globally with 227million active users. The reason why Paypal is the number 1 choice for onlinepayment is because of its ease-of-use, convenient and secure. Paypal guaranteeall credit card and bank account information are strictly protected withoutinterference and would not be shared with the seller or merchant.


For more information, please visithttps://www.paypal.com/hk



When will I receive my order confirmation?

Once payment has been made, a ConfirmationLetter will be sent to you.



Terms & Conditions for Credit Note


Credit Note can only be used for 1 singletranscation, with the credit amount deducted from the total cost of thatparticular order. If the total amount is less than the Credited amount, thedifference will not be refunded or reimbursed in any other form.

Only 1 Credit Note can be user pertranscation, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion (exceptstated otherwise)


All Credit Note must be used within 6months from the day of issue. No Credit Note will be re-issued or reimburseddue to expiration or loss.


No prior notice would be given to changeswith the Terms & Conditions listed.

In case of disputes, 432hzofficial reservethe final rights of decision.


Terms & Conditions for Promotion Code


   Promotional Code is for 432hzofficial member usage only.

   Please input your Promotional Code before you 'Confirm and Pay' foryour order.

   Promotion code cannot be transferred, imbursed to cash or otherdiscount, and cannot be used on items that has been paid for.

   The total cost of the order must be higher than the amount shown onthe Promotion Code. The difference must be paid using other payment methods.

   Some Promotion Code can only be used once.

   Only 1 Promotion Code can be used per order. If you have any otherPromotion Code, you could use them for future orders.

   Some Promotion Code may not applicable for certain items

   Items purchased with Promotion Code is eligible for Returns &Exchanges. The Return amount will be the exact amount you have paid outside ofthe Promotion Code. Once an item purchased with the Promotion Code has beenReturned or Exchanged, the Promotion Code will expire.

   Register to become a Online Troop member to receive exclusivePromotion Codes. Membership is free of charge! If you have any queries with ourPromotion Code or order in general, feel free to speak to our Customer ServiceTeam.